16 Nov 2016

What is the Revolution?

This past week we were exhibitors at the Tree Care Industry (TCI) Expo in Baltimore. It's an annual expo that people from all around the world come to learn the latest techniques and see the newest toys. We went to the show equipped with a free version of our ArborPlus App, a mission, and a statement: "Join the Revolution". By showcasing ArborPlus, we used A Plus as an example of how innovation and technology can transform a business in a traditionally "old" industry to a cutting edge, more sustainable and highly differentiated company. We all wore matching T shirts and...

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01 Nov 2016

Forest Floor BOOST

In our efforts to upgrade, improve and boost the health and vibrancy of your community, we’ve bundled together an urban forest floor BOOST! What does that even mean? Everything starts with the soil. Unhealthy soil not only leads to unhealthy trees, plants and turf, but higher maintenance costs, inefficient water management and increased water run-off. Imagine what a forest floor looks like: Fallen debris that decomposes back into the soil, layers and layers of organic matter that cycles back and feeds the plants it came from. Now look at our urban forest floor: A leaf barely hits the ground before...

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20 Oct 2016

A Dedication to David M. Wright

Dave was a friend of ours in this industry. He was the Construction and Project Manager for the Prometheus Real Estate Group, the largest private owner of multi-family properties in the San Francisco Bay Area. For the last 5 years, we've been the manager for Prometheus' urban forest of 10,000+ trees and often ran into Dave during property walks throughout his communities, at company events, or during corporate office visits. [/fusion_text][fusion_text] At a Prometheus PORCH event on March 29, 2012 for Habitat for Humanity. Dave was one of those guys who towered over you but never made you feel small. A beacon of light that brightened...

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19 Oct 2016

Water: Too much of a good thing?

Despite the recent rains, it has been another parched year here in the Golden State. Water restrictions, fire warnings, wildfires...you name it, we're in the thick of it. And this drought is not doing our urban forests any favors. So you would think that more watering would help the trees. However, in some cases this can be too much of a good thing.   Of course, water is essential for tree growth and health. But depending on the type of soil (clay?) and the kind of watering (sprinklers?), too much water can lead to a number of issues: Root rot: If...

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23 Aug 2016

A Woman’s Right to Bear a Chainsaw

The roar of a chain saw. The crack of a tree as it begins to fall. A resounding crash as a rush of branches collapses to the pavement. These are some of the sights and sounds of a typical day in the urban forest. And who are some of these tree workers? Women wearing pink hardhats! One of our most successful A Plus women working in the field with the Sacramento crew is Kate Miller. She is excelling in the challenging A Plus C.A.A.P. training program (also known as the "Pinkies" for their pink colored safety gear). She's learned how...

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22 Jul 2016

The 2nd Life of Oaky

Perched atop the beautiful hillside of Marin and overlooking the stunning view of the City below, a majestic Coast Live Oak stood there for roughly the past 200 years. Oaky (because that’s what we’ve named him) witnessed the rolling hills, full of native vegetation, transform into a sprawling urban setting. He watched the Highlands of Marin go up, observed the life multiply around it, and enjoyed the laughter of the children in the pool nearby. That is, until that fateful day on September, 14th, 2015, when his dreams of longevity came crashing down.  He had been weak for a while,...

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09 Jun 2016

If Your Only Tool is Chainsaw, Then Every Problem is a Dead Branch

In the not too distant past, all an Arborist needed was a truck and a chainsaw. Fast forward to 2016, A Plus is in the forefront of a dramatically changing industry. We are running lean and efficient crews. The key to becoming successful is to think outside of the box and work smarter, not harder. Our urban foresters are equipped with a vast arsenal of tools. We use small hand pruners for young trees to chainsaws for giants. One of tools that sets us apart is the awesome Mini Skid Steer made by Vermeer. It’s effectively a portable tractor that...

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08 Feb 2016

What is Bio-Carbon (BioChar)?

We're going to have to get a little scientific on you for this post. For the nerd at heart who needs to know why Bio-Carbon (BioChar) is the best thing out there for your trees?  This ones for you! What is it? The general term of the product is know as BioChar. It is essentially, a highly grained, porous form of charcoal (think of a honeycomb-like structure) that occurs naturally from fires and whose properties have been known for 2,000 years, but productized in an improved form by human ingenuity. It has been proven to turn agricultural waste into a product that...

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08 Feb 2016

Redwood Revival Program

This look familiar? That's because you probably have several in your Urban Forest! What's wrong with them? If you've already asked one of us, or another Arborist, you've probably heard a combination of 3 things. 1) "These are on reclaimed water, aren't they? Yep, the high-salt content it killing em." 2) "We've had 4 years of hot summer droughts and these guys need a TON of water to survive." 3) "Look where they're planted, in a tiny area surrounded by compacted soil and concrete!" Well, I'm here to inform you that we've got some great news. A new product has come on the market called BioCarbon...

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06 Jan 2016

Is it a Tree Emergency?? 3 Things to Look For

Drought + Rain = Higher Rate of Tree Failure (Wait a minute...how does that make sense?) Prolonged drought leads to a lack of strong roots. Add on some heavy rain and, unfortunately, what you get is a higher chance of tree failure. First they suffer from lack of water, now they're suffering from too much?! Our poor trees can't catch a break! So, as the responsible tree owner you are, here are 3 things you could look out for that would warrant it a Tree Emergency...in which case you give us a call!! 24/7 EMERGENCY HOTLINE 866-815-2525 -- 3 THINGS...

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