Tree Service in Fresno,CA

fresno tree service

A Plus Tree is the leading provider of tree services in Fresno, CA. Our certified arborists are committed to maintaining your trees’ health and beauty while ensuring your property’s safety. Whether you need tree trimming, tree removal, or emergency tree services, A Plus Tree is here to help. Trust us for all your Fresno tree service needs.

We understand how important your trees are to the well-being of your property, community, and city. Whether you need a large tree removal, tree trimming, tree planting service, or advanced plant health care, we can help. Our Certified Arborist, consultants, and professional ground crews are certified and professionally trained in the art and science of tree care.

We aim to provide excellent communication and customer service from start to finish. We work with the needs of all property types, including HOAs (homeowner associations), large commercial shopping and business parks, municipalities, apartment complexes, and residential homes.

A Plus Tree has over 20 years of experience as a tree care professional. It has been serving Fresno to protect and strengthen your property’s biggest assets in cities, including tree service in Fresno, Madera, Clovis, Merced, Visalia, Kingsburg, and many more.

Our proprietary tree management app for mobile and web allows our clients to track the history of tree care down to the individual tree level. We record and monitor all trees, note size health, and create recommendations for each tree.

Understanding Fresno’s Unique Tree Landscape

Fresno is home to a diverse range of tree species, each with specific care needs. Our team at A Plus Tree has an excellent understanding of Fresno’s unique tree landscape and the expertise to provide specialized care for each tree type. From tree trimming to tree removal, we offer a wide variety of services to maintain a healthy and vibrant landscape that enhances the beauty and value of your Fresno property.

Our Team of Fresno Arborists

Our team of certified Fresno arborists is the backbone of A Plus Tree. With years of experience and a passion for arboriculture, our arborists have the knowledge and skills to handle any tree-related challenge. Our arborists provide Fresno with top-notch tree services, from tree trimming to tree removal.


A Plus Tree provides specialized tree services for various properties in Fresno, CA. Whether you manage a commercial property, a residential community, or municipal lands, we have the expertise and equipment to meet your needs. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with an arborist in Fresno.