In our efforts to upgrade, improve and boost the health and vibrancy of your community, we’ve bundled together an urban forest floor BOOST!

What does that even mean?

Everything starts with the soil.

Unhealthy soil not only leads to unhealthy trees, plants and turf, but higher maintenance costs, inefficient water management and increased water run-off.

Imagine what a forest floor looks like: Fallen debris that decomposes back into the soil, layers and layers of organic matter that cycles back and feeds the plants it came from.

Now look at our urban forest floor: A leaf barely hits the ground before it gets raked up. Our urban soils are depleted, compact, and loaded with synthetic fertilizers. It’s no wonder our plants and trees are suffering!


We’ve packaged a solution to invigorate your forest floor and improve the life of everything that comes out of it.

Our specially formulated 3-part treatment is 100% organic, sustainable and sourced from the highest quality products in the world, literally. We have combined:

Charged BioCarbon + Cold-pressed Seaweed + Naturally Occurring Humate 

Key Benefits to invigorating your Forest Floor:

  • Permanently improves water-holding capacity without swelling
  • Great ability to remove soluble salts from the soil
  • Reduces the use of fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals
  • Increases root mass and microbial activity
  • Improves Nutrient Uptake
  • Contains naturally occurring plant hormones that promote root development, regeneration and wound response
  • Improvement of plant growth and stress resistance (diseases, drought and salinity)


What does this mean to your community?

  • More vibrant greenery from your turf to your trees
  • Healthier plants, greater ability to resists pest, disease and environmental stress
  • Improves management of water (less water run-off, more absorption/penetration, decrease in water usage)


This program reduces soil compaction, irrigation needs, and nutrient runoff to improve the vitality and efficiency of your community and its surroundings.

If you’re totally interested and want more info, contact us!

If you’re already a client of ours, we can provide you with an accurate quote in an instant! We created an algorithm based on your trees we have in our ArborPlus system, just get in touch with your Urban Forest Rep.