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A Plus continues to evolve by introducing A Plus Cares – a strategic platform to pay forward the good fortune of working in a beautiful industry with some of the best people in the world.  Whether it be feeding the homeless, providing tree services for those in need, supporting Autistic programs, or providing careers for our Veterans – A Plus Cares will be there.


It's not what we do, but who we are: A Plus Charity

This year we’ve partnered up with a non-profit called City Team who compassionately serve the poor, the homeless, and the lost in Bay Area communities. City Team serves people in extreme poverty and help them transform their lives. They help and hope to those in need with hot meals, shelter, life transformation programs, clothing, hygiene items, learning and career help, discovery Bible studies, and so much more.

a plus cares volunteers serves food to the homeless
a plus charity friendship bench volunteer non-profit organization

Realizing the Project

A Plus Cares launched their "Friendship Benches" this year and is excited to have had the opportunity to partner with several elementary schools. This combines two of our passions: sustainability and giving back.

We mill and fabricate “Friendship Benches” from the trees we remove from the landscape and create an experience with the students around mental health awareness and anti-bullying. The kids paint encouraging notes and place handprints on the bench. The “Friendship Bench” is installed on the school playground and allows a special place where a child can go when they want someone to talk to. The friendship bench is a tool for positive mental and emotional heath and promotes a safe environment where they can seek support without the need to rationalize.


A Plus also joined in the efforts with other community organizations to donate time and equipment where tree care and landscaping improvement is needed. We have had the pleasure of partnering with the Boys & Girls Club in Placer County, Rebuilding San Diego, and Hero House in Seattle.

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