What is the Revolution?

This past week we were exhibitors at the Tree Care Industry (TCI) Expo in Baltimore. It’s an annual expo that people from all around the world come to learn the latest techniques and see the newest toys.

We went to the show equipped with a free version of our ArborPlus App, a mission, and a statement: “Join the Revolution”.

By showcasing ArborPlus, we used A Plus as an example of how innovation and technology can transform a business in a traditionally “old” industry to a cutting edge, more sustainable and highly differentiated company.

We all wore matching T shirts and tossed out “Join the Revolution” buffs like it was candy.

Obviously, the most asked question was, “So, what exactly is the revolution?”

It’s simple. The revolution is embracing high-tech trends and uplifting our environmental responsibility to raise the standard in the tree care industry and make us better as a whole.

The revolution is to integrate more with technology, to create more value and provide better solutions to our clients. It is to increase sustainability and move toward an urban forest stewardship mindset rather than being the “lowest bid”. The revolution is to open up visibility to the opportunities that exist and to establish clear career paths.

There is already SO much innovation in our industry. Think about how the SRT system changed climbing, how grapple trucks with chainsaw attachments skyrocketed efficiency and safety, or how bluetooth connections in hardhats improved communication. Then there’s social media gurus liks @thebadhans that just make us look incredibly cool.

You walk around the TCI show floor and it’s all around you. These are ALL tools. The challenge is effectively stitching it all together and making these “fancy” tools the norm.

The revolution is having the mindset to integrate and continually evolve while fearlessly abandoning the old and adopting the new.

With these kinds of efforts we believe we can effectively raise the bar, increase wages, and BOOST across this industry and make it a destination of CHOICE.

This show was about meeting like-minded people, inspiring the youth who are just entering and the vets who have seen it all. It was about spreading the urban forest gospel, sharing the success we’ve had with ArborPlus and opening up ways in which others can be a part of it.

Are you ready to Join the Revolution?