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Tree Care Management for Homeowner Associations (HOAs)

A Plus Tree fully understands the needs of our HOA clients and the board of directors that oversee the maintenance and operations of these communities. Our Certified Arborist provide assessments and annual programs based on the specific arboriculture needs and works with your board to ensure the best approach for your community.

Online access to your tree inventory and service history.

With our proprietary software, ArborPlus, HOA managers, and board members have full access to their homeowner association’s tree inventory and service history records for proper tree care documentation and future budget planning. We document all tree care services, applications, and planning at the individual tree level.


Things to consider with your tree care.

When working with a several moving parts like budgeting, scheduling, tree priorities and board meetings, it can be easy to get overwhelmed!

Our approach is simple, streamlined and highly collaborative with key board members.

Here are a few things we seek to understand and consider when beginning the tree care journey with you:

  • The goals of the community and budgetary constraints.
  • Initial assessment of immediate needs, recommendations for secondary needs.
  • Current species and age diversity make-up and long-term removal/replacement planning.
  • Opportunities for community education and engagement.

Keeping your community thriving for years to come.

The health, beauty and safety of your HOA is incredibly important to us, and we strive to deliver the best possible solutions, providing a sustainable and healthy urban forest for years to come.

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