This look familiar? That’s because you probably have several in your Urban Forest!


What’s wrong with them? If you’ve already asked one of us, or another Arborist, you’ve probably heard a combination of 3 things.

1) “These are on reclaimed water, aren’t they? Yep, the high-salt content it killing em.”

2) “We’ve had 4 years of hot summer droughts and these guys need a TON of water to survive.”

3) “Look where they’re planted, in a tiny area surrounded by compacted soil and concrete!”

Well, I’m here to inform you that we’ve got some great news. A new product has come on the market called BioCarbon Soil Enhancer that effectively works to improve overall tree health care by improving soil conditions from these exact issues we see here. Even better? We are the first and only Tree Care Provider on the West Coast to do a massive controlled study specifically on the poorer performing Redwoods in the urban landscape.

What Does the BioCarbon do? It helps the Redwoods thrive in the following ways:

Permanently improves water-holding capacity by up to 30%. A cubic yard of the product holds 150 gallons of water without swelling (turning muddy). Which means the tree’s soil can take advantage of all this rain we’re getting and not let it all run-off into the gutter.

Nutrient retention in soils increases from 30-90%. Ideally, the litter that falls from the tree goes back into the soil as nutrients. Since we keep our landscapes looking pristine and clean, the soil ultimately suffers. By increasing the nutrient retention in soils, it can take advantage of what IS there by also increasing the nutrient exchange and thereby making the tree more fertile.

Shown great ability to remove soluble salts from the soil. In a study done in the Midwest, 68% of soluble salts were removed from the soil in planter beds that were high in salt from winter de-icing operations.

With the recent rains that have saturated the soil, now is the perfect time to treat your stressed-out Redwoods. Show them some A Plus love and watch them come back to life. Read more about Bio-Carbon here >

What’s a Redwood Worth?

The appraisal value of a Redwood of the average trunk Diameter of 32″ (using a formula from Purdue University Department of Horticulture), is estimated to be worth 195k! Additionally, a single Redwood of this size adds an annual benefit of $223 with the majority adding to your property value.


In contrast, if one Redwood tree is not properly cared for and dies, the estimated cost for removal, stump grind and replacement is approximately $2,600…multiply that by the quantity of Redwoods you have on your property and not only is that a huge hit to your budget, but your community suffers from the loss as well.

Maintaining the health of your Redwoods will not just save money now and in the long run, but the value of a healthy mature Redwood in your urban forest far outweighs the cost to revive your Redwoods. Having a plan, with a budget, while taking preventative measures to maintain a healthy forest will keep you ahead of the game!