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A Plus delivers individualized attention to each client and to every tree. Our experienced arborists and crew members understand that each tree has specific needs. To ensure the beauty of your property and health of your trees we address each tree with a customized assessment and deliver treatments based on individualized evaluations.

A Plus Tree is licensed and insured.


Around the Trunk with A Plus Tree

With 18+ years of experience in Tree Care, A Plus is your
partner for the highest quality Tree care service.

About Our Company

Founded in 2001 by the late Jeremy Tibbets, A Plus Tree has become a Revolution in Tree Care and sustainability.  A Plus has evolved into a progressive passionate company leveraging technology, culture, and purpose to inspire tree care professionals and change the industry.  The daily mission is to enhance individualized tree care and maximize urban recycling helping to decrease our carbon footprint and improve the world one tree at a time.

Today A Plus continues to charge forward to inspire Urban Forest Management and Sustainability throughout the industry and America’s urban communities.  With additions such as A Plus Cares, and AfterPlus, we stay true to our mission of working to eliminate urban waste by transforming removed trees into beautiful, usable tables, benches, and other furniture pieces skillfully fabricated at our unique milling and fabrication facility. A Plus Tree is Licensed and Insured. We are an ISA Certified Tree Service Company.


Why Choose Us?

Specialized Software
Our certified arborists walk every property and inventory EVERY tree with the help of our proprietary software, ArborPlus, giving you the tools to make the best decisions for your urban forest now or in the future.
Custom Scheduling
Your community or property may require special service hours and we understand that. We are available to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with advanced notice and proper permissions.
Licensed & Insured
A Plus Tree is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Our crews and arborists posses multiple accreditations and certifications to ensure that we provide the safest work environment as possible.
Free Consultations
Your urban forest is important to us and not all trees require the same service. Our arborist will walk your property and deliver a complimentary inventory of every tree on your property that you can access for free at any time.
Value Added Services
We understand that the removal of a tree can be heartbreaking. With AfterPlus, you have the opportunity to transform your tree into an artistic piece of furniture that we hand make and return to you.
Your Dedicated Team
As a client you will have a dedicated team assigned to you. From the initial site walk to the completion of work, your team will be there to provide exceptional customer service and answer any questions throughout your project.

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Certified Accredited & Trained

With our dedication to advanced certifications and safety credentials, A Plus Tree is your
source for the highest quality tree care service.



Golden Shovel 2021

A trade association of tree care firms whose mission is to advance tree care management.
The CTSP program is the only safety credentialing program in the industry.
Member driven organization dedicated to trees through research and education.
Certification standard vetting vendors who adhere to the safest excavation standards.
A Plus is a compliant and credentialed verified Service Provider .