We’re going to have to get a little scientific on you for this post. For the nerd at heart who needs to know why Bio-Carbon (BioChar) is the best thing out there for your trees?  This ones for you!


What is it?

The general term of the product is know as BioChar. It is essentially, a highly grained, porous form of charcoal (think of a honeycomb-like structure) that occurs naturally from fires and whose properties have been known for 2,000 years, but productized in an improved form by human ingenuity. It has been proven to turn agricultural waste into a product that improves soil nutrients, moisture control and the growing environment in general.

Bio-Carbon is a blend of BioChar and premium organics that is researched to be the best product out on the market. It is a natural and sustainable product and helps trees thrive by improving the efficiency of the soil.

Additionally, when buried in the soil and used as a soil enhancer, the product actually becomes ‘carbon-negative’. Meaning, it can help combat global climate change by displacing fossil fuel use and by sequestering carbon in stable soil carbon pools. You’re not only improving the health of your tree, but the overall environment!


What are its Key Benefits?

  • Permanently improves water-holding capacity (A cubic yard of the product holds 150 gallons of water without swelling)
  • Decreases leaching of nutrients
  • Reduces the use of fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals
  • Decreases pollutants
  • Creates a lasting home for beneficial microbes
  • Great ability to remove soluble salts from the soil


Before Treatment in salt-contaminated soil

17 Months After Treatment









What to Expect?

The science behind it all is as only impressive as the results, because that’s all that really matters here. After one application in a poorer performing tree, you should see new growth within 4 weeks and significant recovery and improvement of overall tree health within 3 months.

So what are you waiting for? Give the boost in health your trees need!