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Stump Grinding & Root Pruning Service

If the area requires stump grinding our crew can expertly eliminate the stump for aesthetics or future planting. We provide a thorough clean-up of debris and always work to minimize the impact on the surrounding area. We specialize at identifying liabilities, especially in commercial environments and communities.

Prior to every job we always “Call before we Dig” and have underground utilities marked. Safety is the upmost importance and need to know where utilities are in order to avoid damage to underground water lines or gas lines.

It’s also important to note that we cannot locate irrigation lines and damage may be unavoidable if located close to the stump. We recommend to coordinate with your landscaper to inspect the irrigation lines after stump grinding.


Can you plant a tree in the same place as after you grind a stump?

The short answer is yes. However, you cannot plant directly into wood chips. The tree will need soil for nutrients, stability, and water holding capacity. When we replant trees in the same location, we remove much of the wood chip debris and backfill with soil.

What if the equipment can’t access the stump?

If we cannot get equipment to the stump and the concern is that the stump will re-sprout, then we can treat the stump with an herbicide treatment that will prevent the stump from sprouting. Not all tree species can re-sprout from a stump, so the treatment might not be needed.

For more information, download a free PDF on Herbicide Stump Treatment


  • Improve the health of your trees and overall Urban Forest.

  • Decrease hazardous tree situations due to dead branches or overgrowth.

  • Plan and budget your leafy assets proactively.


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