Experienced Tree Services for MultiFamily Housing and Apartments

At A Plus Tree, we specialize in the beautification and maintenance of apartment complexes.  We understand the priorities of multifamily communities and apartment management companies to maximize occupancy while providing a safe and welcoming environment.

Multifamily property managers need reliable, safe, committed Tree Service partners to take the headache and worry away from managing their properties' appearance and liabilities.  Whether you have small landscape trees or large trees, we can serve you.

Currently, we serve hundreds of apartment management companies and have over 18 years of experience. Whether you are looking to mitigate liabilities such as building clearance or simply

bring your tree's health up, we can do it. We offer multiyear tree management plans and have

expert pest and disease management plans to keep your trees and community thriving.


Our team is exceptional at identifying and mitigating potential tree liabilities to keep your residents and visitors safe while increasing your properties curb appeal to future residents and increasing the property value of your community. Tree are your asset, but if not taken care of can quickly become your liability. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”


With our proactive approach and ArborPlus technology, your trees will have individualized attention and individual tree service records for historical data purposes and budget planning agendas.  We have worked extensively with multifamily housing and apartments and understand the need for cost-effective treatment for better community living. We have deep experience working with property managers, apartment management consultants in commercial property communities such as large apartment complexes.



Key Benefits of Tree Service for Apartments

  An investment in your apartment landscape increases property values.
  Healthy trees reduce rain and water run off, minimizing potential liabilities.
  Planted trees provide shade near buildings decreasing electrical costs.