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A Short History of A Plus

A look back of where we’ve been and how far we’ve come!

Put your waders on, we’ve got a job to do!

Emergency removal after a huge pine tree fell during a storm.

The “Grandfather” Oak Grand Finale

An honorable goodbye to the oldest, and largest Oak in Napa Valley.

“Out with a BANG” Treemixx

A music video style version of everyday life in the field.

Badassery & Treemastery

Tree work is hard, but damn it looks cool. A tribute to the craft.

“Vacation” Mode

When your job is to climb trees, it’s hard to not smile.

Hazard & Fire Mitigation Project

When access is terrible, skilled teams & equipment go a long way!

PG&E Transmission Line Project

32 Redwood trees threaten major Silicon Valley transmission lines.

SF Pine Removal Project

A massive pine craned over million dollar homes in the SF hills.

The Story of A Plus

A trailer style teaser about the story of A Plus. It’s been a ride.

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