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Caring for your Urban Forest like it’s our own.

A Plus Tree has been serving the governments and local municipalities of Northern Ca, Southern Ca, Washington, Oregon, and Utah for the last 16 years. We have extensive experience working with municipalities such as the Department of public works and understand the complexities of all types of permits, traffic control, and government entities.

We understand prevailing wages and maintain standard compliance in order to serve many city public works and similar departments. We are licensed and insured and maintain the highest standards of safety at all times.


We’ve got you covered.

Whether your city is looking to plant street trees, remove them due to hazardous conditions, or need emergency tree response we have the equipment, crew, and expertise to safely and quickly restore your community.

A Plus Tree is an experienced municipal tree service provider and we understand that not only do trees beautify neighborhoods and communities, but also provide environmental benefits such as shade which reduced home and business energy consumption, clean air by absorbing and storing carbon, thus removing it from the atmosphere.

Properly maintained trees can help conserve water, filter pollution, and add valuable oxygen to our communities. We believe in and practice being sustainable stewards of the environment.

Safe, fast and reliable service.

Our Certified Arborists and trained crews are ready to work with your city management team to make sure the job is completed to your satisfaction and in a timely manner helping to mitigate potential inconveniences to those that live and work in the community.

We’re adept at customer relations and have over 20 years of experience working with local municipals, utility providers, residential and business customers to provide safe and reliable tree service.

At A Plus, SAFETY is our number one focus and it’s embedded in our culture.


  • Improve the health of your trees and overall Urban Forest.

  • Decrease hazardous tree situations due to dead branches or overgrowth.

  • Plan and budget your leafy assets proactively.


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