10 Dec 2014

Storm Advisory: If a tree Falls, you know who to Call!

The National weather service has issued 15 warnings and advisories for the Bay Area, more than a day ahead of a powerful storm front expected to dump heavy rain on the region associated with high winds. Since the ground is already saturated from last weeks rain, it is more  than likely we will see higher chances in tree damage resulting in several emergency tree service calls. If it falls, you know who to call! Our crews are on stand-by 24/7 and ready to come to the rescue!  24/7 Emergency Line: 866-815-2525 OR just call us to schedule a FREE site inspection with...

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23 Aug 2014

How is the Drought Affecting my Trees??

With California facing one of the worst droughts on record, lawns are turning brown, flowers are shriveling, and our urban leafy friends seem to me suffering with the lack of the consistent irrigation they're used to. But, tree roots run deep and trees seemed to have had enough time to evolve to where a little drought shouldn't hurt right? Let's explore a bit into what the short term and long term effects of drought-stress can be, and if there is any way to help our trees through this stressful time.   Short-Term Early effects of drought, or damage caused by one dry period,...

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21 Jul 2014

Watering New Trees 101

Soil moisture is especially important during the first three years following tree transplanting. Below are general rules of thumb to offer the best opportunity for your tree to establish: Newly planted trees should be well watered about 1-2 times a week for the first few seasons, until the roots establish. Watering new trees can be significantly reduced after a few years, but supplement during periods of abnormally dry weather. The rate at which the tree is watered is also important. Longer and deeper watering, one that mimics natural rainfall, is always the best approach.   For Small Trees - About...

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12 Jun 2014

What do Sharks, Grizzlies and Trees have in Common?

So being a fan of shark week and any other show that has to do with super beasts of the sea I was instantly interested when I read the caption, “Massive Sea Creature Attacks” in last weeks I F*$%ing Love Science blog.  Come to find out the way they figured this “Massive Sea Creature” exists is because one of their 10 foot long White Sharks tag floated to shore and reported data of being suddenly dragged deep while remaining the same temperature for the next 8 days… aka something bigger than it ate it!  After reading further I realized the...

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06 Jun 2014

ArborPLUS 3.0 – Still King of the Urban Forest

In 2010 we were the first to deliver a comprehensive GIS-based Tree Management solution, ushering in a new era of tree care for multifamily housing. Now in 2014, while other companies have been struggling to catch up, we bring you ArborPlus 3.0 - propelling us even further ahead of the competition. While basic GIS tree inventorying was nothing new, we were the first in our industry to do 4 things : 1) Layered the tree locations with a photo of every tree, basic tree info, and a multi-year maintenance plan. 2) No proprietary software or downloading - everything ran securely...

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23 May 2014

What’s wrong with my Italian Cypress?

I visited a client's property this week to inspect a row of their Italian Cypresses, Cupressus sempervirens, that aren't looking well. I've seen this issue more than a few times, so I figured I'd write about it to help anyone else wondering about their "Tiny Towers".   Who to blame? Italian Cypress trees have relatively few disease issues. Most common among them are cypress canker, root rot, bag worms and spider mites. I looked for the symptoms each of these would have. Cypress canker shows signs of oozing sap and discolored bark; Root rot shows symptoms of downward curling and...

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13 May 2014

A Night of Dreams: CFP’s 2014 Client Appreciation Party

We've said it before, NO ONE can throw a party like CFP. Our good friend Dave Edwards, CEO of Commercial Fire Protection, has become somewhat of a Gatsby in the industry. His client appreciation parties are definitely not of the typical variety. This latest one was literally a dream of his he was determined to make not just a reality, but an experience his guests would never forget, and perhaps, wonder if ever even happened. The invitations themselves were designed to ignite the spirit of mystery. Sent out in 3 phases: first a save the date, then a puzzling skeleton...

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08 May 2014

We’re Growing!!

A Plus Tree has been growing at an incredible pace and are seeking individuals who are looking for careers in the exciting world of Arboriculture. If you're interested in working with a cutting-edge company in a timeless industry, apply online at www.aplustree.com/home/careers :) Open positions: Certified Tree Workers Certified Arborists Crew Leaders Climbers Account Managers Corporate Sales What we Offer: Competitive Compensation Medical Packages 401k Plans Continual Education Career Advancement Office locations in California, Oregon & Washington

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05 Mar 2014

An A PLUS Video: Official FPI Amazing Race Event Trailer

A Plus had the awesome opportunity to team up with FPI Management at an all day event for their annual community managers and preferred vendors. This one went above and beyond what we expected and turned out to be an awesome, fun and exciting day! As usual, we took our cameras with us, and sponsored the filming and making of this video to be shared amongst the FPI community. They know how to have fun, that's for sure. Thanks again FPI! We look forward to many more years of managing the trees on your properties and this partnership of work...

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09 Jan 2014

Best Practices for Newly Planted Trees

Water, Water, Water Proper watering is the most important factor when it comes to newly planted trees. And watering too little is just as problematic as watering too much. Since there are so many variables to every planting site, there are no hard rules, just general principles to guide good practices. But don't worry, it's not rocket science, scan the guidelines below and let your inner green thumb be your guide: Before planting the tree, water the surrounding soil until it is moist. Water the trees thoroughly with a steady stream of water after planting so as to keep the...

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