“Healthy Roots means Healthy Trees”

We often admire our talented tree climbers, working hard up in the branches to make the tree healthier, safer and more pleasing to the eye. What often goes overlooked is how equally hard the roots are working with the soil to keep that tree healthy, safe and beautiful. In urban environments, when soils aren’t nearly as good as the soil in a tree’s natural environment, it’s our duty to supplement that dirt with what it needs.

In this blog, we are shining a spot light on 3 Tree Care products (often referred to as Plant Health Care or PHC) that we recommend and have had huge successes with.

1. Essential Plus – Soil Amendment

Essential Plus 1-0-1 is a soil injection or soil drench application of soil amendment formula to:

  • Improve rooting
  • Feed beneficial soil microbes
  • Reduce excess salinity in soils
  • Improve soil’s nutrient holding capacity
  • Reduce environmental stress

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2. Companion – Biological Fungicide

Companion is a soil injection or soil drench application. It’s a 100% natural biological fungicide that both prevents and controls a broad spectrum of root and foliar diseases such as root rot, blight, wilt and bacterial leaf spot. It creates a natural “immune system” to stimulate better resistance to diseases.  Read more

3. BioNutrition 3-0-3 for Newly Planted Trees

Bionutrition 3-0-3 Granular with Mycorrizae Technology for newly planted trees to stimulate root growth, condition soil structure, introduce valuable soil microbes, colonize soils with mycorrhizal fungi, improve soil’s water retention, add essential carbon to the soil and provide a slow release nitrogen. This is a great product to condition the soil of new trees that are often stripped of valuable top soil.  Read more

So, if your trees are performing less than optimal, give us a jingle and we’ll know what do to!