In 2010 we were the first to deliver a comprehensive GIS-based Tree Management solution, ushering in a new era of tree care for multifamily housing. Now in 2014, while other companies have been struggling to catch up, we bring you ArborPlus 3.0 – propelling us even further ahead of the competition. While basic GIS tree inventorying was nothing new, we were the first in our industry to do 4 things : 1) Layered the tree locations with a photo of every tree, basic tree info, and a multi-year maintenance plan. 2) No proprietary software or downloading – everything ran securely within the browser. 3) Online interactive estimate with transparent pricing based on tree sizes, so that clients knew they were getting the best deal. 4) Free inventorying, NO set-up fees, NO annual fees…completely FREE!! Well, folks…if we could do that then…what do you think we’ve come up with now?!?

Our recently released ArborPlus 3.0 is WAY more than an interactive dot on a map, with any competition paling in comparison. We have turned ArborPlus into an online force that seamlessly manages multiple sites, taking into account everything that a tree affects in your community, and making it even easier to forecast budgeting and large projects for years to come. Here are just a few of our recent accomplishments and features: · Mobile App compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini · Attention to potential and current infrastructure damage caused by roots · Distinction of which trees require annual building clearance · Mobile Syncing of tree notes and GPS notification · Dashboard upon login with graphs and all the information that matters · Estimates, work orders and invoices all kept in your portal in REAL-time · And…it’s all still FREE!

Our experience, and passion, in the challenges of combining tech with tree management AND property management has allowed us to be unrivaled to anything else out there. We’re not just a tree company….We are your Partners!! So next time the competition says they have something like our program, just smile and tell the little kitty they are far from King of the Urban Forest.