So being a fan of shark week and any other show that has to do with super beasts of the sea I was instantly interested when I read the caption, “Massive Sea Creature Attacks” in last weeks I F*$%ing Love Science blog.  Come to find out the way they figured this “Massive Sea Creature” exists is because one of their 10 foot long White Sharks tag floated to shore and reported data of being suddenly dragged deep while remaining the same temperature for the next 8 days… aka something bigger than it ate it!  After reading further I realized the shark in question was part of a larger 11 year study along the Australian coast with sharks being a smaller part of the study.

Then I remembered my childhood hero from the 80’s,  Marty Stouffer from Wild America show, in which he would tranquilize a Grizzly, Mountain Lion or even a Raccoon to tag their ear, measure it so he can continue to study it for years on end.  As a kid I thought it was just fun to catch and release and couldn’t fully appreciate how important the data they were gathering was to not only that specific animal but the entire ecosystem.

Well, at A Plus Tree, Inc we realize the great beast of your landscape are your trees and that is why we invented our ArborPLUS program that not only allows us to,

  1. Measure
  2. Record Health
  3. Track its location (they don’t move much)

but also allows our scientists (Certified Arborists) to keep recording notes and making recommendations for the future to ensure your mini Urban Forests health is thriving for years to come.  So though tagging your trees may not be as adventurous as wrestling down a Grizzly it is just as important.  On that note I will close like my childhood hero…. “I’m Jeremy Tibbets and this is a Wild America!”


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