We’ve said it before, NO ONE can throw a party like CFP. Our good friend Dave Edwards, CEO of Commercial Fire Protection, has become somewhat of a Gatsby in the industry. His client appreciation parties are definitely not of the typical variety.

This latest one was literally a dream of his he was determined to make not just a reality, but an experience his guests would never forget, and perhaps, wonder if ever even happened.

The invitations themselves were designed to ignite the spirit of mystery. Sent out in 3 phases: first a save the date, then a puzzling skeleton key delivered directly to the desk of the guest, and lastly, an invite with full details and RSVP.

Just like a dream, it would be difficult to give a detailed account of the magical evening. What did we actually see, eat, drink and experience? Every moment seemed to be a surprise, with grand curtains parting to reveal another ‘Act’ of the night, morphing you into a new elaborate scene.

We are thankful to CFP for giving us the opportunity to join in the festivity, and have sponsored this video to show our gratitude. We attempted to capture everything, but even this gives it no justice.

We hope you enjoy it, and we look forward to what CFP will bring in 2015.

Executive Producer: Jeremy Tibbets
Shot by: Sonny Tang
Edited by: Sarah Hon