Someone once said, “People come to Salt Lake City, Utah for the winters but stay for the summers”.  While Salt Lake and the surrounding area is a hot destination for skiing and winter sports, the summer brings beautiful foliage and healthy trees back to life giving the City and neighborhoods a glow unsurpassed by many other destinations.

But with the harsh winters trees are vulnerable.  You might ask, when is the best time for tree trimming in Salt Lake City and especially when it comes to fruit trees, such as peach, plum and apple?

Winter is the perfect time to prune fruit trees now that the leaves have dropped giving a clear view of the entire tree structure. Trimming allows for new wood growth, and the development of new wood will only grow when old wood is cut back.  Fruit will produce on one year old wood so the branches cut today will produce fruit next year while anything cut last year will develop fruit this year.  While some arborists may choose to prune closer to spring it is important to note that if the tree is waking up from it’s dormant stage and pushing new leaves it can cause damage to the tree.

Annual pruning is ideal to keep fruit trees healthy and fruitful,(no pun intended), and requires specific knowledge and skill to properly prune all the different species of trees.  Our skilled arborist in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas have the expertise to properly evaluate and prune your fruit trees to ensure their longevity and health.

For expert tree service call our office today.  Our certified arborists are available to ensure your trees are always cared for properly because your trees are your biggest assets. Call or email us today.