One month into 2020 and already so much momentum into the new year!

Just when we thought we could maybe take a break from all the craziness of December, we rolled it right through January– and surpassed goals, organized major company events and, yes, announced a new mission statement.

Do mission statements seem like a bunch of corporate mumbo jumbo? Maybe.

But, a good mission statement should surprise, inspire, and transform a company. It should mean something to its people and clients. And it should go hand-in-hand with its philosophy and culture and help guide it from the present into the future.

Here’s why it’s important, and why we should care:

1) It begins with Serving Others. It’s about putting the interests of others above our own. The more we cultivate a culture of service to others, the result is a stronger sense of purpose and meaning in life.

2) It says we do it with Love and Respect. Love is all-encompassing. It’s inclusive. it breaks down barriers and builds people up. Respect is in how we treat others, how we approach our work, and how we connect with the environment.

3) It’s on the foundation of the 6 DONES, something deeply meaningful to our A PLUS history and others and to the roots of our late founder. It’s how we strive to operate in every function.

DONE Safely.
DONE on Time.
DONE on Budget.
DONE with Innovation.
DONE as a Team

This is our commitment toward customer excellence and a mantra we shout from the tree tops!


So as we charge ahead into 2020, we will keep this mission of Love & Respect at the forefront of every decision, conversation, and interaction.