We’d like to take our headline feature to highlight a very special person at A Plus. If you haven’t met Paul Tibbets, I’m sure you’ve heard about him. He’s the father of our late founder, Jeremy. And really, the father of A Plus.

He’s certified in just about everything, fixes chippers, trucks, chainsaws (and pretty much whatever the Vallejo crews break), rescues buckets in the middle of nowhere, and will take time out of any busy day to make sure someone feels loved and genuinely cared for.

Paul also compiles the weekly safety session emails and throws in beautiful tidbits on wisdom and leadership. (It’s inside the safety session emails, just past the session link!)

Here’s a snippet from his latest one:

“A Leader is …. 💙 GRATEFUL  💙 GIVING  💙 GREAT.

There are many forms of leadership and several leadership models. The successful leader, the respected leader understands the 3 “G’s”. Everyone is a leader to someone. Therefore desire, seek and strive to be professional 24/7/365. Let people see your good works and praise you because you chose to place others first. If you want to be great then learn to be a servant to all.”

On top of everything he does, Paul is also our official A PLUS Chaplain.

What does that mean? He is dedicated to supporting the emotional and spiritual wellness of our team. If you’re dealing with life’s troubles and need some encouragement or prayer, you better call Paul!

He truly loves this team and has been a huge asset to our crews at the island. I’m sure many can testify how much he’s helped

Thank you, Paul, for your huge heart.