Removed 130 Trees, 150+ ft tall, in 6 weeks.

Last month Crew Leader Nick and his team — Cody, Juan, James, Arturo, with help from Raymond & David — successfully completed the LARGEST tree removal job we’ve ever done in the forest land.

Completed the 6 DONE way, without injury or incident.

Pike City is 2 hours North-east of Sacramento, and deep into the Tahoe National Forest in California.

Nick’s skills fit the bill for this large scale project. Extremely proficient in tree felling, equipment operations and job planning, his supervisor Mazzera, considers him a “strong leader and great teacher”.

And in Nicks words,

“They were really large trees and we had the challenge of the power lines. It was an incredible training opportunity for my crew. It was awesome to see everyone excel and and expand their expertise. Especially Cody on the bobcat operations.

It was an amazing experience being out in the forest the whole time, we were so far out and even saw 3 bear sightings! We truly got to bond.”