A TCC is a Tree Care Controller. And it’s our version of what others may call a “scheduler”, because they do SO much more than just scheduling.

TCC’s are the linchpins to our axles, the pintle bolts to our hitches, the cambium layer to our trees. They keep the communication flowing between client, sales, and operations.

Did you have a smooth-running job? Thank your TCC!

Did everything hit the fan and still the job got done? Thank your TCC!

The TCC’s manage hundreds of jobs a week, from approval all the way to completion.

From the perspective of Steve Land, our VP of Ops, he says, “They are my right hand, the key factor that keeps everything running smoothly, the connective tissue for all the parts of our business.”

A TCC has to have skills. They have to be sharp, have people skills, problem-solving skills, equipment knowledge, tree knowledge, job flow knowledge, and lots of patience.

When we asked the TCC’s what they love about what they do, they unanimously responded, “I love that I get to work with everyone in the company. I love talking to the clients, working with the crew, and contributing to making everything successful.”

Jamie Roberts says, “It’s like a puzzle I’m putting together. It’s fun and challenging at times. I can’t complain about anything. I really love my job. I really am thankful for what I get to do!”

“I love the days when everything goes as planned. Those days are amazingly gratifying…but pretty far and few in between.”, adds Jennie Bottalico.

And from Alexis Hogan, “I love that every day is different and I get to see every job through to completion. If it goes without any hiccups, it’s just a plus.”

Of course, we all know the role has it’s challenges: A chipper breaks down, a car isn’t moved, the trees are late for delivery.

“At any given moment a good plan can become obsolete and a new plan needs to be developed, ASAP. But that is part of the reward of a good job.”, says Maggie McMahon.

Jennie’s challenge? “It’s hard to make everyone do exactly what I want them to do, all the time.”

Which is why we call them “Controllers” 😉

Thank you TCC’s, for alllllllllll that you do!