JUNE, you made the heart swoon.

Happy end of another month!

Not a month goes by in A Plus where we seem to break a new record, or tackle a crazy insane job, or in this case…rescue another life.

Yes, this happened again. First, it was Ingalls who rescued a man in the woods. Then, last week, it was Jayce and his crew.

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Nick, Kyle, Jade, Juan, Tanner, Steve, and their crews have been on consecutive projects in the California woodlands of Burney for months now.

Actually, it’s been a great scenario for many who are in the midst of quarantine. Our crews have single-handedly kept one of the town’s motels in business while so many others were struggling during the shut-down.

Mazzera, our Director of the Utility Division, commented,

“It’s been a perfect location to work at during the COVID pandemic. Our crews are working deep in the woods with little contact with the general public. I’m actually jealous of all the equipment they get to play with. They have one heck of a commute and a great view from the office!”

Here’s a snapshot of the 3 most recent projects:


A huge shoutout to all of the crews and crew members that have played a part in the success of this multi-month mastication project. The mastication work involves a 65 ft wide clearance by mowing, mastication, and hand-removal of brush and saplings that are up to 7ft tall.

The crews have completed a total of 65 miles, running through 3 counties and 3 different national forests!!

The mechanical crews work on everything that isn’t rocky, and the hand crews follow behind the Bobcats and complete everything they could not safely get due to the terrain.

The total area these crews have covered is incredible. Truly great work by all the crews livin’ that country life during these months!


tree workers and climbers felling and removing trees

Defensible space is the area around a building in which vegetation and other types of combustible fuels are cleared, or reduced to slow the spread of fire.

This project involved the felling of 160 trees for defensible space around a gas facility. Nick, Kyle, and Steve combined their crew powers to make one big super crew and took down all 160 trees in 2 weeks.

With all the fun equipment (like a remote control 20XP chipper!) to keep the job running smooth and efficient, they make the work look like big kids in an outdoor playground.


The most recently completed project was clearing 68 trees in preparation for an expansion project.

It was a mix of Oak and Pine with DBH’s ranging from 6″-42″. Nick’s crew got the trees down and processed in FOUR DAYS!!!

To finish it off, Jorge and Victor showed up with two SC552s and had a “Duel of the Stump Grinders”, completing all 68 stumps in 1.5 days.

This isn’t technically “Urban Forest” work that we do for the bulk of our business, but this definitely falls under the “Specializing in the Ridiculous” category!


arborist with mask, tree inventory map on arborplus / treezi software

Rachelle, COVID PPE when assessing the treeeees.

Our sales team of Arborists and Urban Forest pros may not get the cool photo ops like the field teams do…but these folks are no less important OR impressive!!

From our sales leader, Carrie:

“I want to thank everyone for their efforts in June! Since COVID, each month, sales have been improving steadily and I am so appreciative of this team!! I fully recognize the challenges we are facing, but somehow we continue to find a way to stay connected with our clients and keep the pipeline growing. Hitting goal this month was huge for us!

A special shout out to Rachelle – what a great job she has done with a very large new client!! I know this is only the beginning – there will be more opportunities to expand our relationship with them. I so appreciate her hard work and dedication.

A heartfelt thank you to you all!”

This new account was absolutely a team effort. Rachelle credits Sherri for helping her with the initial meeting and guidance, Tabitha for handling all of the compliance documents, Marriah and Evan for inventorying and measuring 7000+ trees in 3 weeks (!!!), and Brad for all the backend IT support.

Work-life is so rewarding when you have a great team 🙂


We got a 4-page spread in the WSCAI journal! Read the full article here >>


“Show respect even to people who don’t deserve it;
Not as a reflection of their character,
but as a reflection of yours.”

Look around, read a news article, watch a news report, listen to the radio and you will see and hear speeches and speeches with words filled rhetoric and pathos. Community after community are searching for leadership that will bring hope and peace.

So, what can we do?

Be a leader who’s leadership is built on a foundation of respect and love. Our words are a creative force, for both good and evil, right and wrong.

There needs to be good in us for our words to be good. Words spoken from the heart have the greatest power to heal or to hurt. If there is no respect or love within the heart, then the words will sound beautiful but have no effect.

Respect and love are not characteristics that you are born with but come as a result of desired and development over time. Respect and love are acts of our will not of our emotions. I will respect you and love you because I choose to do so not because I feel like it.

Be a leader.

– Paul Tibbets | A Plus Chaplain


PHC-ya later June! Let’s climb high in July.
Leaf out. ✌️