During the first weeks of the Black Lives Matter protests, while many pushed out statements to show their support in the movement, we also took the time to discuss, examine, and evaluate our own A Plus culture and structure.

Our CEO wrote an internal message to the entire A Plus team. We wish to share some snippets of his heartfelt sentiments:

“I cannot share enough that it has been, it is, and will continue to be my life’s work to develop, foster, influence, lead, coach, mentor, and learn how to provide a SAFE place for everyone to work.

Myself, along with the other Leaders at A Plus Tree aspire and strive to have Love and Respect for all – everyone – AND INDEED, Black Lives Matter!

We stand in support: to mitigate, to prevent, and to eliminate racism. Writing it is not sufficient, while we have an “open door” culture and encourage feedback and suggestions. I welcome the opportunity to listen, learn, and change what we need to further the mitigation of racism and to have more Love and Respect at A Plus Tree.

I know we are not perfect, as we are human beings – I also subscribe to the notion of “we don’t know what we don’t know”. I believe we can always be better, we can always learn, and there is always more Love & Respect to give and receive. I hope that each of you are inspired to Love more, show more Respect – and reflect how you can make our World a Better Place.

We are doing well as a Company through these past months – and I expect with the character of our People, the resilience of our Culture, we will continue to do well as a Company. I feel safe in this company – I feel Love in this company – I feel respected in this company, may each of you and your families continue to find health, peace, and strength in all that you do.”

Your Servant Leader,
– Cyrus DeVere

Since this memo, we’ve decided to add to our culture and daily efforts and develop a DiversityPLUS Taskforce as part of our A Plus Cares initiative.

Our A Plus Cares division currently works to support and serve the homeless, children in underserved communities, and sustainability initiatives.

The DiversityPLUS team will add to this very important work. The mission of DiversityPLUS will be to address issues of race injustice and inequality, further anti-racism, and find ways we can support people of color in our company and throughout our industry.

There is good work to be done and we are energized to magnify our efforts.