The interconnectedness between human existence and trees is an ancient, and undeniable truth. We grow up loving trees. We climb them, build forts in them. We make bow and arrows out of their small branches, and teepees out of their larger ones. As children, our fascination with trees feels innate. No one tells us to love them. We just do.

Why A Plus Loves Trees

But why? Could it be that our attachments to trees comes from something simple like the fact that they provide material necessities? Perhaps. Or maybe it’s their beauty and grandeur. Some trees are so striking in color and size that they awe us with just their presence. There are countless portraits, paintings, and sculptures of trees in existence. They have served as many a muse to event the most accomplished artists, and their beauty can fascinate just about anyone. It can even lead to a spiritual awakening.

But we’d like to think it’s something more. That it’s not just about the oxygen, the food, or even the visual splendor. That it’s about something deeper. Something with roots. At A Plus Tree, we believe that trees are in our blood, and that we are connected to them on the most intrinsic level. After all, we were hunter-gathers for more than 20,000 generations, during a time period where much of our genetic makeup was most likely constructed, so it would only make sense that we evolved not just alongside, but along with our leafy counterparts.

Recent research even suggests trees have real quantifiable benefits to our health. Exposure to forests can lower your blood pressure, boost your immune system, and help you focus. Now if that’s not proof that humans and trees are viscerally connected, we’re not sure what is.

The ceremony of planting trees and cutting them down, of carpentry and fire making, are some of the most primal acts out there. And it’s easy to see why. These hands on experiences are ultimate passages to manhood – real, cathartic human and nature interactions. It’s the stuff video games and television won’t give you.

A Plus Thinks Trees are in our blood

As we grow older and no longer spend time climbing them (unless you’re a lucky arborist!) or dreaming about tree houses, we still remain connected to the trees around us. Nothing proves this more than when the threat of tree removal in your town or city invades. People overwhelmingly show up to save their beloved trees. Suddenly we realize that those green giants we see and take for granted everyday are actually really important to us. Though we might spend our live not noticing them on a day to day basis, in between the hustle and bustle of the 9-5 life, trees feel like a part of who we are, and when they are threatened, so are we.

So, next time you pass by that great oak or that newly planted birch, think about the ties that bind. The ineffable feelings of gratitude and humbleness that only trees can seem to give. And remember that without them, there is no us.

And if you are that lucky arborist who gets to spend ample time with trees, we’ve got something for you. At ArborPlus we’ve made caring for these green giants as easy as an app on your phone. Now you can keep track of urban forests on the go. Check out the video all about our new tech, and visit to get started.