Lumbersexual  lum-ber-sek-shoo uh l ] noun: a unique kind of hipster who grows a beard and pretends to be the of the outdoorsy variety. Often seen wearing flannel. Never actually seen with lumber.

Listen hipsters, A Plus was lumbersexual before lumbersexual was even a twinkle in the eye behind your thick-black-framed-glasses. We were sportin’ flannel and using beard oil before anyone knew beard oil was a thing. (It is. And it’s called sweat. You know, from actually working hard.)

A true lumbersexual.

A true lumbersexual.

Because there’s only one way to be truly lumbersexual (hint: it involves trees), and you’re looking right at it. You see hipster ladies and hipster gents, sometimes you just have to let the masters do their jobs. The arborists do their arboring. You can have the skinny jeans and the sparse mustaches, but the A Plus Team called. They want their lumberjack back.

Now that we got that off our hairy chest, if you are still interested in pursuing the fine art of OG lumbersexual-ness, we will be kind enough to leave you with a few tips on how to do so. But be warned, true lumbersexuality is not for the faint of heart. And there is a very strict, regularly enforced anti-fedora policy.

  1. Get ISA certified, like all of our arborists at A Plus Tree. A truck and chainsaw does not make you a qualified arborist.
  2. Know the difference between PHC and PCP. One refers to Plant Health Care, the use of monitoring and using preventive treatments to maintain and improve landscapes. The other refers to the drug you ‘accidentally’ took at last year’s Coachella.
  3. Manage your trees like a boss, using our new app, Arbor Plus. Keep track of thousands of trees, send estimates, and stream-line your field production.
  4. If all else fails, call A Plus Tree to handle your business for you.