Thank you for getting mulch! You are one step closer to having healthier trees and a better environment! Make sure to store mulch stockpiles properly to prevent erosion, decay, and other damage. Follow the storage tips below!

Short Term (Less Than 1 Month)

Exposed mulch won't be damaged in the short term unless there is heavy rain, wind, or snow. No special storage needed!

Medium Term (1-2 Months)

Cover the top of mulch piles with tarp. Hold the tarp in place with stakes or weights. Keep the edges of the tarp off the ground to provide air flow.

Long Term (3+ Months)

Store in walled storage, storage unit, or other structure to keep out both ground moisture and rain. Make sure there is air flow in the storage area.


Why does my mulch pile smell sour?

Moisture and lack of oxygen lead to anaerobic decomposition. This decays the mulch and gives off a sour smell. Prevent this by providing adequate air flow.

Why is there warm air coming from my mulch pile?

Large, moist piles of mulch will decay, which then generates heat. Again, provide air flow to prevent decay.

Will mulch piles combust?

Mulch only combusts when it reaches temperatures of about 680-750°F. Properly stored mulch won’t get hot enough to combust.