21 Nov 2012

Video – A Plus Tree Lends a Helping Chainsaw

Last month A Plus Tree donated their time and hard work and joined Unity Care and the Housing Industry Foundation (HIF) to help out the community on a renovations project to provide a home for at-risk youth. Other partners that volunteered were Wells Fargo, Prometheus Real Estate Group, and CORT Furniture.

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30 Sep 2012

Video– part 1: a tale of the elms

In Alamo of Contra Costa County, A Plus Tree was called to do a high skilled job of removing 6 diseased elms along Danville Blvd that were towering over a pre-school. The power lines overhead made the job especially risky; However, with a 40-ton crane and our crew of EHAP (Electrical Hazards Awareness Program) Certified men, we were ready to take on the job. It was only after all the hard work was done did we have a little fun :) Some of the Elm logs were salvageable and donated to a local urban mill. By planning ahead, the crew...

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28 Aug 2012

A History Lesson: Monkey Puzzle Tree and Abe Lincoln

Besides a killer waterfront view, Mare Island has many perks. One being the incredible piece of history that every building, road and yes, even tree has. Last week a huge Monkey Puzzle Tree (Araucaria araucana) fell in half. For how horrible the structure of that tree was, it's shocking that it had lasted 110 years. Monkey Puzzle Trees are native to South America, they are the national tree of Chile, and are not the most common conifers to run across in California. However, after one glance and a single touch of its razor sharp needles, you will never forget it....

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20 Apr 2012

Training day with Vermeer

For last month's company training day, we were fortunate enough to have Frank and Eric from RDO Equipment Co. come out and school us on some of our Vermeer equipment. We went over daily safety checks and proper care on our Vermeer chippers and stump grinders. We were reminded of the importance of daily maintenance checks that would help a job run more smoothly, efficiently, and safely. Amongst the many wise words from Frank and Eric, here are a few: Oil the equipment before every job in the key areas; non-lubricated or poorly lubricated equipment will cause it to run...

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30 Mar 2012

Giving Back to the Community

Yesterday, Jeremy Tibbets (President of A Plus Tree) and Sarah Hon (Director) partnered up with POrCH (Prometheus Outreach and Community Help) and volunteered at the largest Habitat for Humanity project in the country to date. Jeremy and Sarah's experience at the tops of trees made them a good fit for the job when it came to balancing on 2x4s on the roof top while hammering blocks to the trusses. It was a great time helping out with fellow volunteers. Check out the photos below :) Thank you Karyn Lee at Prometheus Real Estate Group, Inc for making it all happen!

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09 Mar 2012

A Climber’s Paradise

Last week A Plus Tree hosted California Arborist's Association's (CAA) Climbing Skills Workshop in a beautiful park in Benicia. Every year, the CAA puts on this event to give professional climbers in the area the opportunity to learn and share new techniques. These workshops accommodate all levels of ability with stations for knot tying and equipment inspection, body thrust and footlock, stations for throwline and more advanced techniques of entering and moving in trees. Special Thanks to Chad Brey for volunteering his tree knowledge and climbing expertise! And thank you Stihl and Vermeer for sponsoring this event!

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14 Feb 2012

2012 CACM Tradeshow

This month we had a booth at the CACM Tradeshow in Oakland...that stands for California Association of Community Managers (www.cacm.org).  And the theme of the event?? Roaring 20's! Who doesn't like dressing up like flapper girls, gangsters and alcoholics?? For our booth, we set-up a greenscreen and provided 3 different themes for the attendees, who got a print of the photo immediately after. We met great people, made great connections, and as always...had fun!

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