For last month’s company training day, we were fortunate enough to have Frank and Eric from RDO Equipment Co. come out and school us on some of our Vermeer equipment.

We went over daily safety checks and proper care on our Vermeer chippers and stump grinders. We were reminded of the importance of daily maintenance checks that would help a job run more smoothly, efficiently, and safely.

Amongst the many wise words from Frank and Eric, here are a few:

  • Oil the equipment before every job in the key areas; non-lubricated or poorly lubricated equipment will cause it to run less efficiently and decrease its lifetime.
  • Never overlook the importance of air filters; a clogged filter can be fatal to the engine.
  • Always check that the mud flaps are in tact and on tight; you never know where a stray rock or piece of bark will go flying.

As always, I’ve snapped some photos of the action…

Thanks again Frank and Eric for coming out and being such a team player!