Seems as though every 19 year old reality star gets a book deal and gives advice on how to live life. Since it seems opinions come from everywhere, I thought I would see what a tree has to say.

So with a little thought, I came up with a few life lessons that have been inspired from working and living with trees. Here are 5 life lessons from trees:

1.  Trees Keep Standing

The average root system should be 3 times the length of its canopy in a forest environment but yet we have 40 foot tall trees standing strong surrounded by concrete.

Lesson: It’s amazing how little is needed to thrive when failure is not an option.

2.  Trees Compartmentalize their Pain

I’m sure many therapists may disagree with this point but trees do not heal, they compartmentalize their wounds with new stronger wood (callus wood).  Sure, it takes time but a tree will cover their injury and let injured wood decay into dust.

Lesson: Problems happen but the result is a thicker stronger skin.

3.  Trees find the Light

Arborists call it Phototropism (to grow towards light) but even the most vertical of trees will take a hard 90-degree turn if a dark shadow gets between them and the sun.

Lesson: Not too many mental hoops required for this one but every dark situation has a ray of sun to move towards and the more you bend the more character your canopy has.

4.  Trees are Givers

They give a squirrel a nut, a bird a nest and an owl a hole; they give flowers in the spring and fruit in the summer.  The reality is the more a tree gives back the more we plant it, prune it and cultivate it.

Lesson:  A safe rule to life is the more you help others get what they want the better chance you have of getting what you want.

5.  Trees care about Legacy

You can always tell when a tree is at the end of its mortality spiral because the last couple years it produces a large amount of seeds.  From pinecones to apples, a tree will produce such large amounts it will break its own limbs from the weight.  Something in a tree’s DNA says it is important to leave something in this world when their time is finished.

Lesson:  The future generations will be ultimate test of our present success.

Perhaps the next time you’re going through a tough time or just want a good code to live life by, first stop and look at nature, and to be more specific, a tree.