21 Dec 2015

VIDEO: Destination A Plus Tree

Debuted at our annual Wood Awards, we wanted to honor and recognize the entire A Plus Tree team for their exceptional leadership, hard work, contribution to the company, and for going above and beyond the call of duty; And what better way to do that than with another A Plus Tree Movie Trailer?? Here's to a beautiful end of year 2015 and an even more ridiculous 2016! Produced, Shot and Edited by: Sarah Gaskin  

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25 Nov 2015

A Plus Cares about the Trees and the Bees!

Last week one of our crews masterfully removed a palm while keeping a live honey beehive intact so it could be re-located nearby. [caption id="attachment_994" align="aligncenter" width="225"] Mazzera suited up in his bee fit.[/caption]  Today we received this letter from an impressed customer, and we wanted to share his story: "I am writing this letter to you to commend your company and your employees who removed the 2 tall palm trees. Your employees were Chris Mazzera, crew foreman, Tommy Ray, lead groundsman, and Juan Ochoa, climber. I became involved with this tree removal because I was advised by the property manager that there was...

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17 Apr 2015

How to Plan and Maximize an Arborist’s Recycling

How does an arborist stay environmentally sound and socially responsible when it comes to cutting down and recycling trees? We’re glad you asked. For the arborist, it’s all about having total control and knowledge of resources, managing them properly, and being able to plan ahead. Thankfully our tree tracking app, ArborPLUS, makes this easy. The app allows the arborist to seamlessly record thousands of trees, including specific information about their health. With ArborPLUS, the arborist can strategize recycling efforts before making last minute decisions or rushing to find a home for his lumber. ArborPLUS sees the value in all trees, whether...

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16 Feb 2015

What Happens When a Low-Tech Industry Gets High-Tech?

When a low-tech industry meets a high-tech solution, magic happens. The demand for traditionally low-tech industries to embrace the new, ever-changing world of technology is at an all time high. And yet, some low-tech industries have become complacent and stuck in their own ways, resistant to any kind of change, even if they know the kinds of positive rewards that will come from new, technological interfaces. That’s not to say that no-one is listening. Smart business and industries are recognizing that mobile apps aren't just trends, and that they are instead, tools to add to an already strong arsenal. And...

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02 Jul 2013

These 11 Tree Facts Might Surprise You

It's easy to understand the importance of trees when it comes to providing us with shade or being beautiful, but what are some other benefits of trees? We've got 11 tree facts that might surprise you. Here are some fun tree facts: Well-maintained trees and shrubs can increase property value by up to 14%. Trees properly placed around buildings can reduce air conditioning needs by 30% A mature tree removes almost 70 times more pollution than a newly planted tree. A healthy tree can have a value of up to $10,000. The shade and wind buffering provided by trees reduces...

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