How does an arborist stay environmentally sound and socially responsible when it comes to cutting down and recycling trees?
We’re glad you asked.
For the arborist, it’s all about having total control and knowledge of resources, managing them properly, and being able to plan ahead. Thankfully our tree tracking app, ArborPLUS, makes this easy. The app allows the arborist to seamlessly record thousands of trees, including specific information about their health. With ArborPLUS, the arborist can strategize recycling efforts before making last minute decisions or rushing to find a home for his lumber.

ArborPLUS sees the value in all trees, whether they are healthy or diseased. Just because a tree’s life is over, doesn’t mean it can’t become something else. Trees are immense resources that can be turned into practically anything. If you have a vegetable garden you probably aren’t going to go to the store for carrots. Why would you when the what you need can literally be found in your backyard? Same goes for trees. Why take from the natural forest when you don’t have to?

arborist's recycling

We turned this dying American Elm Tree into a beautiful cutting board.

With ArborPlus, If the arborist knows how many trees he’s going to cut down and when, he can plan ahead and find out what the demand is in his area. All he has to do is log into the app, check how many trees of a specific species need to be removed that year and BAM. He has the necessary info at his fingertips and can find out which local services would benefit off his lumber, instead of haphazardly chucking it into the garbage or chipping it away. Now the arborist can plan and maximize recycling with a few click and swipes in the AborPlus app.

That’s one big step for the arborist and one giant leap for forest sustainability. That’s ArborPlus.