So long APRIL, we don’t miss you!

Hola A Plus friends,

We successfully flew through another month here at A Plus, and during the strangest times we’ve known in our life! We sincerely hope every one of you and your loved ones are well and taken care of.

And yet again, we maintained another incredible month of safety. We can’t thank all of you enough for continuing to take our #1 DONE seriously: DONE SAFELY.

The crews continue to crush it and handle the work like PROs, while adjusting to the ever-changing norms.

Since we haven’t been able to get out in the field to film, here’s a little tribute to the badassery and tree mastery from the past.

Shots from the Field Teams


emergency tree removal, tree fall on house, tree workers, bucket truck

Emergency Crew (some not pictured)

This tree was said to be the largest Oak in all of Rocklin, CA.

A majestic Valley Oak, standing almost 80’ tall with a trunk diameter of 78″ and a canopy spread of almost 70′.

Sadly, this mighty oak failed from “heart rot” – a fungal disease that causes decay at the center of the trunk and can be almost undetectable from the outside.

It fell on the neighboring home and the homeowner, who was inside, was pushed across his living room floor by its impact. Thankfully there were no serious injuries!

Grace got the call and dispatched this crew of tree warriors who handled the emergency like champs. In honor of Earth Day and Arbor Day, we’ll be planting a successor in its place for the client 🙂



Ramon & Crew

The Vallejo team worked on a week-long project in Cloverdale that encompassed pruning and removals on 118 trees.

Ramon conquered this dead Fir at 55″ DBH, the largest of the removals.

The site was a mobile home park nestled in the forest, along the Russian River, and with some cool tracks to take cool pictures.



Josh & Conner Ruf – Utah crew

A hazardous limb removal on a Weeping Willow, Salix Babylonia. The crew tied up the giant log with a half hitch and running bowline for the rig line, and a running bow on the winch line.

A smart, safe, and smooth way to use the AX19 fellas!




Paulino (Aleppo Pine Removal), Luis (Aleppo Pine Hazard Mitigation), Paul (Weevil infested Canary Island Palm).

Give the San Diego teams a job, any job, and they execute. Lately, it’s been a lot of big removals and all the essential hazards.

Shout out to Paul, who has been successfully leading and navigating his teams through these very challenging times.

Thoughtful, skillful, and solution-driven, Paul meticulously works out the job plans with Jennie to maintain momentum, morale, and keep performance strong.

Keep it up Team San Diego!!

Sales is Spelled C-A-R-E.

Our mission statement is more meaningful now than ever.

A reminder of our mission:

“To serve our clients with LOVE and RESPECT on the foundation of the 6 DONES.”

Our sales team has been using this time to connect and check-in with their clients, to stay connected and let them know how much they care.

From our sales leader, Carrie:

“I know how much it means to me when I hear from friends and colleagues. I have to believe that there can be some great lessons learned from this Corona crisis, creating opportunity for more love, humility, care, and gratitude. Relationships can grow stronger when we get through these experiences together!”

We couldn’t have said it better Carrie! We are thankful we have such a caring directorship like Sherri Weber, Adam Heard, Marsha Newman, and Lance Anderson leading our regions!

A Step Ahead with our Tech

An HOA Association hosted A Plus to discuss Essential Services in Tree Care.

With social distancing, canceled events, and everyone working from home, many companies have found it difficult to adjust to the circumstances.

Lucky for us, we have the power of ArborPlus, coupled with our techy A Plus culture and our love to adopt new things. It was practically seamless for our sales and admin teams to adjust to the new norms.

We do miss the face time with everyone, but we’ve been replacing them with webinars and lots of ZOOM happy hours.

Wise words from our Chaplain

Each week, Paul Tibbets sends out his Weekly Wisdom. It’s appended as a link at the bottom of the Safety Session emails.

This one was about the Law of Attention.

We’ve summarized it below:

” Love wisdom like a sister; make insight a beloved member of your family.”
– Proverbs 7:4

If you are going to be your best in your field, then you must master your attention.

Attention, like a muscle, needs to be exercised. Attention, like a skill, must be developed. Leaders control what they give their attention too.

Proverbs 7:4 teaches us that if we desire to be great at something then we need to treat it as if it is a part of our family. We need to give our full attention to what we want to see accomplished as if was our sister, wife or beloved family member.

Therefore, leaders train themselves and discipline themselves to give attention to those they lead, to skills that need to develop and to topics at hand that betters everyone.

If you ever need support or encouragement, Paul welcomes you with care. You know how to reach him.

APRIL, can’t say we’re sad to see you go. MAY the forest be with us!
Leaf out. ✌️