Foresters have specific goals in mind when it comes to the maintenance of their land…
forest from the trees

They look to habitat, global preservation, harvesting, replanting, health, and safety, all while keeping in mind that the forest is a whole unit. Not just a group of individual trees.

Now, because we believe that the arborist is essentially an urban forester above all else, we developed something that allows the arborist to accomplish these same goals in the urban forest and maintain the ability to see the forest from the trees. A tree management tool built for the arborist, by the arborist: ArborPlus.

As more and more of our plants and landscapes are being covered by houses and properties, the urban forest is becoming a real, tangible thing. It’s the present and future, constantly evolving, and needs to be treated with technology that can keep up.

As an arborist, you can’t make reasoned decisions about one tree without knowing what you’re working with on the rest of the property. Trees don’t live in a vacuum. They can be vectors and have serious effects on their neighboring plants. And while they do require specific and individual care, that care won’t be done properly if the arborist can’t assess the landscape. The arborist needs a global view before they can even begin to make an educated, holistic decision. Point, blank, period.

The first thing a forester does is fly over the forest to obtain a tree count. Urban foresters have been trying to do this at ground level, which is immensely time consuming and not built for efficiency. That’s why we developed an intuitive interface to essentially do that part of the job for you. ArborPlus allows urban foresters to procure information about every tree on the property, record notes about them, and keep making recommendations for the future.

ArborPlus enables you to see the trees and the ‘forest’, quickly, efficiently, and in real time. Now the arborist can attain certain forestry objectives, ones that are rarely considered in an urban setting, and he can do it even faster than the forester. Welcome to the new wave of urban forest management.