Raise your saws if you had fun at the Versteel Games!
Where’d the name come from? It’s a made-up mix of Vermeer + Urban Steel = VerSteel. That’s where that comes from.
We host Versteel games every year that combines our training with a bit of fun and competition.

This year we ran the event 3 times to accommodate our growing team. Each Versteel was a jam-packed day of training, competitions, cash prizes, good food & team camaraderie. It was RIDICULOUS.

We hope it was valuable, fun and you learned something to keep you growing here at A Plus. Our passion is great tree work and investing in our people (and killer equipment), and we hope that showed.

And, can I say, what an incredible partnership we have with Vermeer and RDO? Their commitment to providing their expertise at each of the events, and Dave Steege’s commitment to delicious BBQ, continues to prove their invaluable support. Partnerships like these is what help make us great.

Below are the group pics of all the beautiful faces.