24 Mar 2021

Fungi: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Trees interact with numerous species of fungi, some good, some bad, and some merely ugly. The best way to understand the type of interaction is to look at what the fungus eats. Good: If it eats dead matter or produces mycorrhizae, it helps the tree obtain nutrients. Bad: If it eats the tissues of living trees, it causes decay and usually kills the tree. Ugly: If it eats decaying wood or other materials, it's a sign of an unhealthy tree, but is not the primary cause of tree death. Below is a list of fungi commonly found on and near...

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01 May 2019

Eureka! We’ve landed in Eureka!

Guess what my treeple!? A Plus officially has a yard, and a team, in Eureka! "Where's that", you may ask? It's about 4 hours north of our Pleasant Hill main office, situated in beautiful Humboldt County, along the pristine California coastline. It's a tree-filled place that 6 of our team members will now call home. For the last 7 months, our Vallejo crews have been traveling up there weekly to clear vegetation from gas transmission lines and perform other non line-clearance work. The traveling was also taking its toll on our tree crews, and it was clear that this market was...

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16 May 2017

New Locations! Seattle, Portland & Greater LA

Trees are Everywhere. We want to be Everywhere too! We are excited to announce that A Plus is now covering the West Coast. We've just opened in Seattle, Portland, and the Greater Los Angeles area!! We'd like to thank our current clients for the opportunities they've provided to us, allowing us to grow and inspire better tree care in more communities. We can't wait to impress new clients with the way we seamlessly manage their Urban Forest. So, if you have properties, or associates, in these new areas, please feel free to share us!   For tree trimming & tree removal in Seattle and Portland...

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08 Feb 2016

What is Bio-Carbon (BioChar)?

We're going to have to get a little scientific on you for this post. For the nerd at heart who needs to know why Bio-Carbon (BioChar) is the best thing out there for your trees?  This ones for you! What is it? The general term of the product is know as BioChar. It is essentially, a highly grained, porous form of charcoal (think of a honeycomb-like structure) that occurs naturally from fires and whose properties have been known for 2,000 years, but productized in an improved form by human ingenuity. It has been proven to turn agricultural waste into a product that...

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01 Sep 2015

Drought Mitigation Program

Introducing our revolutionary Drought Mitigation Program that will cut watering dramatically, promote a healthier root system, recondition soil, improve over-all tree health, and reduce those pesky, destructive roots to your sidewalks. Healthy trees will make you and your community happy, and a low water landscape will make the environment happy :) Click on the image below to see a larger version: Contact your A Plus Tree rep for a free consultation and quote!

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09 Feb 2015

A Love Letter to Trees

The interconnectedness between human existence and trees is an ancient, and undeniable truth. We grow up loving trees. We climb them, build forts in them. We make bow and arrows out of their small branches, and teepees out of their larger ones. As children, our fascination with trees feels innate. No one tells us to love them. We just do. But why? Could it be that our attachments to trees comes from something simple like the fact that they provide material necessities? Perhaps. Or maybe it’s their beauty and grandeur. Some trees are so striking in color and size that...

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