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Water Your Trees, It’s a Primary Need!

Like all living things, trees need water! Trees have deeper root systems than grasses and herbs so they don’t need frequent watering during cooler weather. However, in dry or warmer seasons, trees may need a little extra TLC.

When the root systems of trees don’t have water, the roots begin to dieback. Root dieback is especially detrimental to a tree’s health because eventually if water does come, the root system may not be able to absorb what the tree needs. Maintaining moisture to the roots system requires deeper watering and doesn’t need to be as frequent. The majority of the trees root system is in the top 18 inches of soil, and more than 50% of the tree’s roots are in the top 6 inches!

Exactly how much irrigation a tree needs varies with species, climate, and soil & site conditions. Without enough water, trees become more susceptible to secondary issues like pests and disease.

Before/After of severely drought-stressed Redwoods treatment results

What is our Supplemental Deep Watering Program?

We specially formulated a water-intensive cocktail that also works to improve soil conditions, increase water holding capacity, increase microbial activity, sequester salts and toxins, and ensure active root growth to improve overall tree health.

We inject hundreds of gallons of our formulation into the root system of each tree to recharge the the top 8-10 inches of soil. During extremely hot and dry periods, we recommend this treatment be done every couple months.

The goal is not only to supplement water for the tree to “drink”, but also to provide a moist and healthy soil environment for strong root growth.

Why Trees Need Water

Trees can’t live without water for many reasons. Water is:

  • An ingredient for photosynthesis
  • A cooling device
  • A plant hormone transport system
  • A sugar and mineral transport system

Healthy Tree VS Unhealthy Tree

Symptoms of Water Deficiency

How do you know if your trees are water-stressed? Look for the following symptoms.

  • Yellowing, discolored, or wilted leaves
  • Sparse canopy
  • Premature leaf, flower, or fruit drop
  • Stunted growth
  • Early fall coloring

How Often Should I Water Trees?

Keep in mind the water use requirements of the tree species. Also consider the local climate and site conditions. Some general rules are:


    • First 3 months: water 2x a week.
    • After 3 months: water 1x a week until roots are established (up to 2 yrs).
    • Apply 2-3 gallons of water each time.


    • Hot, dry weather: water 1x a week.
    • Cool weather: water about 1x a month.
    • Water until the top 18″ of soil are moist.

Water-loving trees like Redwoods and Birches will always require more water. A Plus Tree offers a Deep Watering Recharge treatment. This service delivers water, soil amendments, and beneficial microbes to the Critical Root Zone.

Click here to download your free New Tree – Watering Guidelines.


  • Plant Health Care is vital to the longevity of trees

  • Our certified PHC specialists can diagnose and treat potential problems early to avoid long term damage.

  • Proper care and maintenance of trees decreases the likelihood of expensive removals due to disease in the future.


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