Stump Grinding Service

Tree removal always leaves behind a stump where the last cut is typically made and this leaves roots still in the ground along with a small portion of the base of the tree. Leaving the stump behind can potentially be a liability for you if someone should trip or fall because of the stump. if left naturally to decompose, it can take decades to fully rot out.

A Plus Tree offers stump grinding services using state of the art stump grinder equipment. We have multiple pieces of equipment for hard to reach areas and challenging stump positions. Often times stump grinding requires precision handling of specialized stump grinding equipment to fit machinery into hard to reach places.


One main area of focus for us is to make sure we eliminate stumps that can cause tripping hazards and other potentially dangerous situations. By grinding the stump flat or even into negative surface levels, we not only remove the hazardous stump, but we also clear the area for new planting or coverings. We provide a thorough clean-up of debris and always work to minimize the impact on the surrounding area. We specialize in identifying liabilities, especially in commercial environments and communities.


In most situations, we price our stump grinder service costs based on the diameter of the tree at its base which is typically its widest point near ground level. Other factors involved in the cost for stump grinding is the location of the tree relative to other trees, structures, and if there is ample access to the stump for our grinders. Stump grinder equipment is usually bulky and hard to fit into narrow areas. Trees that have been removed near structures like building walls leave inaccessible stumps behind. In some case we must hand remove or grind the stump which will cost more. There are many factors involved in order to price a stump removal, but A Plus Tree can solve all stump grinding issues it is presented with.



stump grinding clearance stump grinding to keep walkways clear


Key Benefits of Stump Grinding Service

  Remove stumps to help eliminate potentially hazardous situations

  Clear stumps for new plantings or ground coverings
 Clear ugly stumps to beautify your landscape

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