Are those roots running toward your foundation? Destroying your asphalt? We all know how costly it is to replace lifted sidewalks, or even removing a tree with destructive roots. But, there is an alternate and inexpensive solution that preserves that beautiful tree, your hardscape, and allows you to reduce canopy and woody growth safely. It’s a soil-applied Tree Growth Regulator (TGR) called Cambistat ®. It not only reduces the growth rate of the tree, but redirects the growth to the hair-like root system, strengthening the health of the tree and increasing drought and disease resistance.

What does it do?

  • Reduces canopy and woody growth rate by 40%-60% for 3 years with one treatment
  • Increases fine root density, not the woody roots
  • Extends the time in between pruning cycles
  • Improves defense toward disease and drought

Other TGR Uses

There are many other situations where Arborists might recommend a TGR, such as:

  • Promote root growth after roots have been cut
  • Enhance health of a declining tree
  • Pre-stress conditioning before construction
  • Maintain vista views
  • Reduce the growth rate of trees under power lines