Wondering whether or not you need an arborist to take care of your tree needs?
An arborist refers to a tree care specialist, trained to efficiently and properly take care of your favorite green giants and woody plants. These specialists are equipped with lots of knowledge when it comes to trees and unlike your neighbor with the chainsaw, know how to rightly handle equipment.

Before we outline whether or not you need an arborist for your tree needs, let’s address what makes a qualified arborist, well, qualified. We recommend hiring an ISA-certified arborist who is familiar with the trees and ordinances of your city. To find one in your area, check the ISA directory. Furthermore, when searching for a company to work with, look for one that has been TCIA accredited. You’ll be happy to know that A Plus checks off both of these boxes.

Now that we got that out of the way, keep scrolling to read about the services that definitely require an arborist’s expertise.

Certified Arborist

An A Plus Tree Arborist Hard at Work

  1. Emergency tree care. When stormageddon 2016 hits, you’ll be happy you kept that local arborist’s number on hand. Storms can cause severe damage to trees and their limbs, sometimes resulting in hazardous situations.  Proper removal or care will need to be done by a professional.
  2. Tree Removal – Arborists usually see tree removal as a last resort, but sometimes there just aren’t any other options. An arborist has the knowledge, skill, and necessary equipment to safely remove trees.
  3. Pruning – Trees need to be maintained in both appearance and safety, and while homeowners would like to think that they can take care of this on their own, it’s not always the safest bet. If your tree maintenance requires you to climb the tree or use a chainsaw, you need to hire a certified arborist.
  4. Plant Health Care – Plant Health Care, better known as PHC, involves regular monitoring of your trees as well as preventive treatments. A certified arborist has the ability to detect potential tree problems before they become a threat.
  5. Planting – Proper planting is vital to a tree’s success and life span. Arborists are the best resources when it comes to finding the appropriate location for your desired tree.

Above all, be mindful about the choices you make when it comes to your trees. Proper tree care is an investment and should be treated like one. If you’re still unsure about whether or not you need to hire an arborist, feel free to drop us a line at [email protected]