It's summer! When the sun shines brighter and days are longer, here's how to help your trees beat the heat!

Don't Let Fire Stand a Chance!

Hot, dry summers bring blazing fires! Let's face it - we have a past with wildfires. Prevent history from repeating itself by removing fuel and reducing risk. Build a buffer zone of defensible space around your property by removing excessive vegetation. This includes dry grass, dead leaves and plants, wood piles, dead branches, and dead or hazardous trees. If it's dry and dead, it goes!

Mulch & Irrigate

We love mulch! We always recommend mulch for its myriad of tree benefits. During summer, trees appreciate mulch even more! Mulch retains soil moisture and insulates the soil from extreme temperatures. So if you haven't yet, mulch now!Trees get thirsty just like us and need some extra irrigation in hot, dry spells. Here are general guidelines to help you use water wisely and take care of your trees.ESTABLISHED TREES

  • Hot, dry weather: water 1x a week.
  • Cool weather: water about 1x a month.
  • Water until the top 18″ of soil are moist, or about 30-40 gallons a month in dry seasons.


  • First 3 months: water 2x a week.
  • After 3 months: water 1x a week until roots are established (up to 2 yrs).
  • Apply 2-3 gallons of water each time.

Keep in mind that water use requirements vary with tree species, climate, and site conditions. Water-loving trees like redwoods and birches benefit from our Deep Watering Recharge treatment, which delivers water, soil amendments, and beneficial microbes directly to the roots.

Drought Tolerant Trees

Our futures look warmer and drier. Trees live for a long time, so if you're planting new trees, choose species that will survive and thrive in the future. Below are some tree species that are drought tolerant once established.