20 Oct 2016

A Dedication to David M. Wright

Dave was a friend of ours in this industry. He was the Construction and Project Manager for the Prometheus Real Estate Group, the largest private owner of multi-family properties in the San Francisco Bay Area. For the last 5 years, we've been the manager for Prometheus' urban forest of 10,000+ trees and often ran into Dave during property walks throughout his communities, at company events, or during corporate office visits. [/fusion_text][fusion_text] At a Prometheus PORCH event on March 29, 2012 for Habitat for Humanity. Dave was one of those guys who towered over you but never made you feel small. A beacon of light that brightened...

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19 Oct 2016

Water: Too much of a good thing?

Despite the recent rains, it has been another parched year here in the Golden State. Water restrictions, fire warnings, wildfires...you name it, we're in the thick of it. And this drought is not doing our urban forests any favors. So you would think that more watering would help the trees. However, in some cases this can be too much of a good thing.   Of course, water is essential for tree growth and health. But depending on the type of soil (clay?) and the kind of watering (sprinklers?), too much water can lead to a number of issues: Root rot: If...

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