09 Jan 2014

Best Practices for Newly Planted Trees

Water, Water, Water Proper watering is the most important factor when it comes to newly planted trees. And watering too little is just as problematic as watering too much. Since there are so many variables to every planting site, there are no hard rules, just general principles to guide good practices. But don't worry, it's not rocket science, scan the guidelines below and let your inner green thumb be your guide: Before planting the tree, water the surrounding soil until it is moist. Water the trees thoroughly with a steady stream of water after planting so as to keep the...

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03 Jan 2014

In the Spotlight: 3 Tree Care Products

"Healthy Roots means Healthy Trees" We often admire our talented tree climbers, working hard up in the branches to make the tree healthier, safer and more pleasing to the eye. What often goes overlooked is how equally hard the roots are working with the soil to keep that tree healthy, safe and beautiful. In urban environments, when soils aren't nearly as good as the soil in a tree's natural environment, it's our duty to supplement that dirt with what it needs. In this blog, we are shining a spot light on 3 Tree Care products (often referred to as Plant...

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