30 Apr 2013

5 Life Lessons from Trees

Seems as though every 19 year old reality star gets a book deal and gives advice on how to live life. Since it seems opinions come from everywhere, I thought I would see what a tree has to say. So with a little thought, I came up with a few life lessons that have been inspired from working and living with trees. Here are 5 life lessons from trees: 1.  Trees Keep Standing The average root system should be 3 times the length of its canopy in a forest environment but yet we have 40 foot tall trees standing strong...

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16 Apr 2013

I Want My Tree to be Green!

Who doesn’t like green? It is the color of money, the color of the Shamrock and the color of Springtime. But best of all, it's the color of the trees around my house. So when my trees are not green, I become blue. I love it when my trees look like the tree on the right and I hate it when they look like the tree on the left. Don’t get me wrong. I like the color of yellow. However, I prefer it in my sunshine and not in my trees. So why isn't my tree green? When chlorophyll is lacking...

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05 Apr 2013

How would a Viking look at your Tree?

If you're like me, you never miss an opportunity to watch shows on Vikings, Knights or even Renaissance documentaries.  Besides my attraction to pretty much any person yielding an ax or conquering unknown lands, one of my curiosities is how the most basic items are made. I imagine the family dining table took Papa about 2 weeks to build, and wasn't as discarded as our current IKEA merchandise seems to be.  Also, with our detached society, we probably don't even know where our chicken thighs comes from, or anything else in our house for that matter.  One thing for sure,...

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