14 Feb 2012

2012 CACM Tradeshow

This month we had a booth at the CACM Tradeshow in Oakland...that stands for California Association of Community Managers (www.cacm.org).  And the theme of the event?? Roaring 20's! Who doesn't like dressing up like flapper girls, gangsters and alcoholics?? For our booth, we set-up a greenscreen and provided 3 different themes for the attendees, who got a print of the photo immediately after. We met great people, made great connections, and as always...had fun!

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07 Feb 2012

Company BBQ and Training Day: Learning about SRT

Every month, the A Plus Tree crew gets together for some good BBQ, introductions of new members, safety reminders and to learn new rope techniques. This month they learned about a Single Rope Technique (SRT). This technique allows the climber to ascend at a much more rapid pace than footlocking or body thrusting, while saving TONS of energy. To demonstrate its swiftness, we had a climber start with the conventional body thrust technique; When he was more than half way up, another climber would begin his climb using the new SRT technique. In less than 10 seconds, the climber on...

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