Our Commitment To You & Your Community

A Plus’s mission is to “ Serve Our Clients with Love and Respect, on the Foundations of the 6 Dones”. A Plus Tree has become a Revolution in Tree Care and Sustainability. The daily mission is to enhance individualized tree care and maximize urban recycling and sustainability, helping to decrease our carbon footprint and improve the world, one tree at a time.

Our arborists and crew members have been serving the Alameda area for over 10 years and manifest their commitment to you and the health of your properties’ trees. Skillfully trained, our arborists and crew members are able to offer creative and individualized solutions to better serve all your tree care needs. We are dedicated to our craft, sustainability of our precious environment, and the betterment of each urban forest we have the privilege to work. We hope to serve you and your Alameda community soon.


Benefits of Choosing A Plus

A Plus Tree has a commitment to customer excellence and everything we do starts with our 6 DONES:  Done SAFELY.  Done ON TIME.  Done ON BUDGET.  Done WITH INNOVATION. Done AS A TEAM.  Done AS PROMISED

  Done SAFELY:  The safety of you and/or your residents and our crew is our number one priority.  We deliver the most highly trained crews and best equipment to ensure that each job is performed under strict safety guidelines so you and/or your residents are safe at all times.

  Done WITH INNOVATION:  With the use of our proprietary software, each tree is inventoried with individualized recommendations.  All work completed and future recommendations are stored giving you a detailed log that you can access indefinitely.

  Done ON BUDGET:  A complimentary site walk and tree inventory of your property with a certified arborist so you feel confident in our service recommendations while mapping out the best plan of action within your budget.

  Done AS A TEAM;  Expert crew and state of the art equipment on every job so you know your job will always be completed correctly and with any specific instructions.

  Done AS PROMISED:  Your satisfaction is very important to us and while we always strive to do it right the first time, if for any reason you are dissatisfied we will return until it's done to your delight.

What Others Have To Say

BioChar – Full Circle Sustainability

Benefits of our Sustainability Program

What is BioChar? Biochar is a charcoal-like substance that is created by burning tree waste in a controlled process called pyrolysis. Utilizing Biochar not only helps the environment but produces lasting and beneficial results to your landscape. A Plus is committed to minimizing our carbon footprint by offering recycled wood chips, green waste, and services like Biochar. Some additional benefits of Biochar are as follows:

  Improved water-holding capacity helping to decrease your water bill

  Decreased leaching of nutrients in soil helping to improve the growth and vibrance of your landscape

  Reduces the use of fertilizers, pesticides & other chemicals benefiting the health of the air you consume

  Creates a lasting home for beneficial microbes that increase the livelihood of your urban forest

  And decreases pollutants

Recyclable Waste Vs. Soil


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