Fill out the form to get FREE Arbor Mulch delivered to you. Available in select Northern California, Washington and Utah locations.

Why pay for expensive home depot mulch when you can have free arbor mulch?

Arbor-Mulch is a program of A Plus Tree, created to offer clients and partners free repurposed wood chips and leaf litter to maximize urban recycling and environmental sustainability!

What is Arbor Mulch?

Arbor-Mulch is a mixture of wood chips and leaf litter. The leaf litter mixed in will decompose in 1-2 weeks. The benefits of mulch are is it adds valuable nutrients to the soil mixture. The kind we offer typically comes from trees we have just cut, but can also be 1-2 weeks after cut time. When freshly cut, it is typically moist and warm.

Our mulch is typically meant for covering soil areas and is unprocessed, undyed/colored, and can include twigs in length between 3-9″, leaf litter, small rocks, though typically very few. The kind you purchase from a store can be very expensive and is highly processed to make them uniform in color and size. Store-bought mulch typically has most nutrients removed through the processing procedures, but also “look” more consistent in shape and color.

Approximate size of mulch load (15-20 CY)

Example Arbor Mulch at drop-off

Week 2 arbor-mulch

1-2 weeks after leaf litter decomposes.


Arbor Mulch spread as ground covering.

Here are a few notes about our FREE delivery service:


  1. We will deliver a maximum of 30 cubic yards, but cannot deliver a specific amount under 30 cubic yards.
  2. We will not distribute, shovel, or move the mulch.
  3. You must provide a drop location (driveway or the street in front of your house.) We will not drive on lawns.
  4. Please keep in mind 30 cubic feet will occupy about two cars worth of space.
  5. We will schedule drop off ONLY when we have crews with mulch in your area. Based on availability.
  6. Once delivered, we cannot pick any back up or take it back from you.
  7. Please understand this is a mixture of leaf litter and wood chips. The mulch might contain 6-9″ twigs in small amounts, but should be very few relative to the size of the pile. (It is not colored wood chips.) It is NOT meant to be a beautification layer, but some people find it perfectly suitable.
  8. We cannot commit to any timeline since it is based on location convenience of jobs.
Please provide a detailed description of the exact area to drop the mulch. (We cannot drive on lawns). Ex. driveway, the street in front of your house. Google Maps PINS are great.
Thank you very mulch. We'll reach out to you shortly. Tree ya later!
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