BIOCHAR: Full cycle sustainability

The principle of Sustainability is living a life that relies on the natural environment in various ways. It creates a way of fulfilling human needs from all generations without compromising nature's balance. Sustainability ensures that we will have a constant supply of natural resources without causing any misery to human beings or the environment. At A Plus Tree we are committed and passionate about urban recycling and sustainability.

Biochar is a charcoal used as a soil amendment. It is rich in carbon and a very stable solid which can live in soil for hundreds of decades, if not more. Biochar use a process called pyrolysis, which is the thermal decomposition of materials (in our case wood and green waste), at elevated temperatures in an inert atmosphere. Biochar is made from Biomass, which can come from various materials, wood being one of them. Biochar can increase soil fertility in acidic soils (low pH soil), increase the productivity of agricultural and provide soil and foliar disease protection.

Key benefits of Biochar include:

  • Improved water-holding capacity
  • Decreased leaching of nutrients in soil
  • Reduces the use of fertilizers, pesticides & other chemicals
  • Decreases pollutants
  • Creates a lasting home for beneficial microbes
  • Great at removing soluble salts from soil



bio-char-comparison-img NO BIO-CHAR vs. WITH BIO-CHAR  


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