17 Jan 2017

#myAPLUS: An Industry of Athletes

Climber Apprentice Josh Hotai climbing with his daughter, young athlete in training. An Industry of Athletes Do you think Steph Curry can do what he does without extensive training, practice and coaching? Nope. As much as talent is involved, so is determination, focus and coach-ability. The work ethic and practices of a professional athlete is not far from that of the industrial athlete. I'm all about fitness training and have 11 years of active duty with the Coast Guard under my belt. I can testify that we have a unique caliber of industrial athletes here at A Plus. There is no “off season”...

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11 Jan 2017

Winter Showers Bring Bug Powers

After 6 years of drought, rain drops on the roof is music to everyone's ears.  The Urban Forest is getting a much needed Boost. As a result, fresh rain water flushes out impurities in the soil and helps to balance the PH level. As harmonious as that sounds, the reality is that every Plus has its Con (no pun intended). Although winter showers help give trees the much needed Boost they've been missing, they also give diseases perfect modes of transport while growing fresh food (foliage) to starving Pests who are also ready for a big 2017. Healthier foliage means a...

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